Deegan and the AFMXA on "Last Call with Carson Daly" Tonight

Corona, CA – Tune in tonight to the nationally syndicated television show “Last Call with Carson Daly” on NBC. The crew of the late night talk show made their way out to the “Mulisha Compound” this month to catch up with Brian Deegan and get the latest on his progression in Off-Road Sports and what’s taking place with the AFMXA.

Although Deegan still rides FMX every morning in his backyard, more recently he has been focusing on progressing his career in Short Course Off-Road Racing. Since the inception of his Rockstar/Metal Mulisha/Lucas Oil Race team, Deegan has become a crowd favorite and a top competitor in the sport. With only two more rounds left in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Deegan sits in the top 3 in point standings above top seasoned pros.

Realizing the importance of rider safety after the recent loss of his close friend Jeremy Lusk, Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha stepped in to form the governing body that aims to protect the riders. AFMXA is a not-for-profit that represents the interests of America’s Freestyle Motocross industry. It is designed to assist with organizing the sport in a way that will inspire it to grow. AFMXA is a collection of professional, recreational, and corporate members.

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