Your Collection: Old Magazines

This week's collection comes from Rick Conley.

Thought that I would send in some pics of five older Motocross Action Magazines, which were special issues, besides their regular monthlies, and the first issue of Dirt Bike Magazine.

Dirt Bike - The very first issue of Dirt Bike Magazine from June of 1971. This is also the very first Motorcycle magazine I ever bought. .75cents

U.S. Stars - A special issue magazine from MXA. The year is not the only issue, but the cover pic of Gary Jones looks to be late '73 early '74. The magazine is filled with 1-3 features on the U.S. stars like Lackey, Jones, DeSoto, Hartwig, Tripes, Weinert, and more.

European Stars - Same as U.S. stars, but with all the big euro stars: DeCoster, Wolsink, Mikkola, Falta, Bauer, etc. This issue also came out in fall '74.

Motocross Champions - An issue that came out March '76. This Special issue featured all of the Big Name Riders at the time, both U.S. and Euro's: Smith, DiStefano, Everts, Howerton, Rahier, etc. Also, in the back it has a section regarding amateur champions. One rider who made it was track builder to the stars Mark Barnett, on a 125 Honda.

Trans-Am - This August 1976 issue was dedicated to the '75 late great Trans-Am season. The magazine is loaded with pictures and short stories from that '75 fall series.

Motocross Champions - This is second and final issue that was ever made, featuring that year’s MX champions, both U.S. and European. It also featured the winner of the Super Stadium Series Jimmy Weinert, all the American riders that were racing in Europe (Jim Pomeroy, Brad Lackey, and Marty Smith), and a section of "Tomorrow's Stars" on Sun, Noyce, Croft, and former 500cc National Champion Burgett. A funny thing with Sun and Noyce is that they are currently racing the Vintage Inter-Am series that Brad Lackey is promoting.


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