Pro-Tec Quick Kick Billet Aluminum Kickstarters

Pro-Tec has available a line of billet aluminum kickstarters for many current 4 stroke offroad motorcycles. The Pro-Tec Quick Kick kickstarters are shorter than stock to improve kicking speed making starting easier and have a lug machined into the kickstarter shaft to contact the footpeg to prevent kickstarter damage from hitting the sharp footpeg. Pro-Tec kickstarters utilize the stock lower lug for mounting and have grooves machined into the foot area for maximum traction. Pro-Tec billet aluminum kickstarters are also stronger than the stock cast or forged kickstarters.  

Pro-Tec Quick Kick kickstarters are currently available for: YZ250F's, WR250F's, YZ400F's, WR400F's, YZ426F's, WR426F's, YZ450F's, WR450F's RMZ250's and KXF250's. Pro-Tec also makes a kickstarter for the YZ250 2-stroke.

All Pro-Tec Quick Kick kickstarters retail for $128.95

Pro-Tec kickstarters can be ordered toll free (888)698-8990 or through our website