Upcoming Money Race in Mexico

Cesar’s MX Park in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, is holding a event on Sept 19-20 with big payouts in the MX1 and MX2 class. They would like to invite any pro from the USA to come ride.


1st   45,000 pesos ($3,000.00)
2nd  22,500.00 pesos ($1,650.00)
3rd  13,500.00  pesos ($1,000.00)
4th  9,000.00 pesos    ($650.00)
5th  4,500.00 pesos   ($325.00)


1st  30,000.00 pesos  ($2,000)
2nd 15,000.00 pesos ($1,000)
3rd  9.000.00 pesos  ($650)
4th  6,000.00 pesos  ($400)
5th  3000.00 pesos  ($200)

Cesar’s MX Park plans to make this an annual event as they grow and can offer more accommodations. Security will be provided, including escorts to and from the track.

Questions can be directed to Cesar Lombraña at 956-237-5255 or by email at Mxshack@yahoo.com.