Unadilla Bike Theft Update

Morgantown, WV - The folks at MX Sports Pro Racing received a call today from Andrea LaMay, Ben’s mom.  Ben and Willy Browning’s race bikes were stolen from the pro paddock Friday night of Unadilla, along with numerous other items, including Justin Weeks’ bicycle, David Briggs’ pit bike, and a substantial amount of gear.

Mrs. LaMay reported that they just left the Connecticut State Police Barracks where they were able to pick up Ben’s bike, which thankfully has very little damage.  While there she was able to see Willy’s bike and is happy to report that it is in pristine condition.  In fact, both bikes still had the transponders properly mounted.  As far as the other recovered items, she was able to identify many things for the police belonging to riders, including Corey Pennington, Jacob Sanchez, Matt Shaefor and Mitchell Dougherty.

Mrs. LaMay took photographs of the remaining items and will have them available this weekend at the Steel City National.  Anyone missing items from the Unadilla “heist” are encouraged to look at the photos to identify their property.  In order to retrieve the property, it will be necessary to contact Trooper William Kuckel at (860) 779-3900.

Jason Cayen (30) of Killingly, CT, was arrested Wednesday, August 26th and charged with possession of the stolen property, as well as narcotics, thanks to a helpful tip from a Racer X reader.  Anyone with information regarding this matter is requested to contact MX Sports.