RG3's Justin Weeks Seriously Injured

RG3’s Justin Weeks, who came off of a very successful amateur career, rode his first-ever outdoor National just a few weeks ago at the infamous Unadilla Valley Raceway. Justin also raced what had to have been one of the gnarliest mud races of all time at Budds Creek. Unfortunately, Weeks sat out of Southwick due to a minor ankle injury, but was planning on coming back for Steel City this weekend. While Justin was practicing this past weekend, he suffered a big crash, dislocating his jaw, breaking his sternum, and breaking some vertebrate in his back. Sadly, we regret to tell you that, due to the injuries Justin sustained to his back, he currently has no feeling from the chest down. Justin is still in the hospital, where he will remain for a while, but any well wishes or money you’re able to donate to the Weeks family is greatly appreciated.

Please visit www.justinweeks381.com for more information on Justin’s injury and what you can do to help this fine, young man.