Twelve Minutes, Fourteen Seconds with Byrne

September 2, 2009 12:15pm | by:

Michael Byrne is a good dude. He tries hard, is a great rider and does everything on and off the track the right way. He's an Australian that has come to America and adopted his new country. He's engaged to an American girl, likes Chick-fil-A, lives in Georgia and has a bull. That's just some of the reasons why you should cheer for him. I called him up on Sunday and did an interview with him but I pushed the wrong button on the recorder because I'm kind of dumb. So he called me back up to answer the same questions again! That's another reason why you should like him.

Me: Byrner, good job this weekend. You keep telling me you hate the sand but then you go out and almost win the whole thing.
Michael Byrne: I know but I’m telling you that I don’t like it. Just like when I won my moto for Factory Connection on a 125, the fact that it was wet helped me. It wasn’t like a true sand track y’know? I felt horrible in practice this weekend, I qualified something like twentieth and it wasn’t good. I went back to the truck and Roger (DeCoster) and Reedy helped me out with stuff and I came out and rode better. I was happy with my ride in the motos, I got some good starts and felt pretty good.

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