Ask Ping!

August 28, 2009 2:33am | by:
Hey, Ping, 

I just got done reading your column. I thought it was on the money and funny!  Just one more thing these guys need to know:  Not just the days we work, but the hours.  My first year at PC we worked from 9 to 9 minimum and as late as 1:30 am during the race season! And the funniest part was when I added up my hours and found out I was making about $7.50 an hour! Well, we did get half a day off when we would fly home…awesome, huh! Like you said, if wasn't for the free T-shirts I might not have stuck around. Ha, Ha. See you at the shop.

Damon @ Pro Circuit.

Dear Damon,

When I rode for Mitch we called him the “Pipe Nazi.” It was funny then, probably because the “Soup Nazi” was a popular character on Seinfeld and we could imagine Mitch getting mad at someone and screaming, “No pipe for you!” Anyway, he is one of the hardest working guys in the sport and he demands that same work ethic from every one of his employees. It doesn’t matter if you are putting together his race engines or sweeping metal shavings from the machine shop, you better focus on it and do a good job. I’ve actually seen him backhand a guy for not properly cleaning the rim of the toilet bowl in the showroom bathroom. Seriously. Actually, I made that up. But it wouldn’t surprise me.


  • The artist, The Man and The Pipe Nazi

With all of the rumors flying around about the USA's MXON team this year I am wondering if you think that we have a chance with the injury list and our number one guy sitting out the outdoors?  Thank you for your continued honesty and the amusement that you provide to your viewers.  The same broken record questions and comments of your colleuges is enough to make me puke.



Dear Cory,

Normally I would get all patriotic here and go off on a rant about how much better America is as a country than the rest of the world. Sadly, I’m not sure I believe that right now. Politics aside, I still think we are the favorite going into this year’s MXON. How can I say that? Because Ryan Dungey rides a 450 really well. And I think that Suzuki has a great bike right now. The track is reportedly very supercross-ish and will favor American riders and two of our three riders have supercross championships under their belts. And Weimer is the new king of the mud so if it rains we have our bases covered there. Australia will be tough, as will the usual suspects from Europe. But with a little old-fashioned, American, can-do spirit I don’t see why we can’t leave that boot-shaped country with the Chamberlain trophy once again. I’ll tell you what though; I’d trade every trophy we’ve ever won for a less crazy healthcare plan than the one being crammed down our throats here. Just my two pennies.


If you go back and look at the live coverage, about 47 minutes in, RC is saying how these rainy conditions are his favorite to ride in. Bailey asks him "Why?". RC responds with something like "because it's fun when you're FU**ING good at it"! See for yourself and tell me I'm wrong.

All my love,

John Cocktoasten,

Roseville, CA

Dear Mr. Cocktoasten,

Well, in all fairness his role during that broadcast is that of color commentator. And while it isn’t exactly geared for families his comments would be colorful. I didn’t hear it so I can’t say for sure but I know there’s enough money in his swear jar at home to put both of his kids through college. And not one of those crappy vocational colleges either; I’m talking about ivy-league schools here.

Is your last name really Cocktoasten? Because I know a guy named Peter Fitzenwell that says he knows you.