Sandbox Hawaii Bringing Motocross to Honolulu

August 27, 2009 11:48am

When people think of Hawaii they immediately think of the white sandy beaches of Waikiki, lush green mountains and the warm, sunny climate that surrounds it everyday.  But things are about to change!  Change for off-road enthusiasts at least!  A non-profit organization called the Sand Island Off-Highway Vehicle Association (SIOHVA) just broke ground on a 32 acre property in downtown Honolulu and it get’s even better, IT’s ON THE OCEAN!  Yes, this waterfront property is just minutes from the Honolulu International Airport and about 15 minutes from Waikiki.  The Park, officially called Sandbox Hawaii will be the home for a motocross and pee wee motocross track, ATV track, 4x4 Truck Course, Remote Control (RC) Track and a World Class BMX Track. 

The BMX and RC Track have been finished and the group is working on the start of the pee wee track.  The BMX and RC Track will “officially” open for business on 1 October 2009.  The rest of the facility will soon follow.  At Monday’s groundbreaking ceremony, Motocross Hall of Famer John “The Flyin Hawaiian” DeSoto spoke to a crowd of about a hundred and said “Hawaii has football fields, baseball fields and soccer fields for kids, but for motocross there is only Kahuku which is only open on weekends and Federal Holidays”.

SIOHVA is still looking for potential sponsorship opportunities.  Reid Shimabukuro, President of the Association says that “any sponsor who is interested should take a look at this location, you’ll be blown away”!  He would also like to mention that the park has the support of the State and has faced little to no opposition.  Check out the website for more information –

Ride with Pride!

- Sandbox Hawaii Staff