Dragon Racing Fuel Rider Cole Thompson Wins 2 Titles

Dragon Racing Fuels, based out of Lafayette, IN, has been making quite the noise around the powersports industry. Dragon Race Fuels have fueled several top riders to many titles. One of those riders would be none other than Cole Thompson. Dragon and Cole first made contact at the Lake Whitney Spring National. Dragon has powered Cole to many holeshots, moto wins, and titles. Cole had a big showing at the World Mini's in Las Vegas. We were able to set down with Cole for a little round table and we ask Cole about his last couple of races. This what Cole had to say, " Loretta went pretty good for me, I expected to do better but I had some rough luck with motor problems and bad starts throughout the week. I did end up with a 3rd overall in the supermini 12-15 with 3-6-2 moto scores. But with a DNF-4-4 in the supermini 14-16 I only managed a 15Th overall. I felt like I rode well, my fitness was great and my bike was running mint with the Dragon Racing Fuel." Cole then stated that " the Walton Trans Can National was a great event for me, the track was mint all week and I felt super fast on it. I really focused on my starts and getting out front early. Even with a first lap crash in the last moto, I was able to sweep all my motos in the supermini and schoolboy classes and ended up wining 2 titles."  Cole and Dragon Racing Fuels look for many more holeshots, moto wins and titles in the future and with the amount of hard work put in by Cole he is a name you will be hearing more often.