Your Collection: McGrath's First 250

August 23, 2009 11:19am
This week's collection comes from Chris Morton.

I purchased this bike a couple years ago not knowing the history of the bike, but knew it had been raced professionally by the stickers and frame tag. One would think with all the places you could find information about such a bike that it would be somewhat easy to trace it to some race, but this was not the case. It took over a year of effort to finally ID the bike and gather some of the history.
Here is what I know:
  • It is a 1992 CR250 with Pro Circuit modifications.
  • It has a AMA Tech tag on the frame that was put on at the Supercross race in Tampa, FL in 1992.
  • It was raced by Jeremy McGrath in 5 races on the east coast that year with the #17 on the bike ( I have video of  3 of the races and he did well, top 5 in main’s and top 2 in heat races).
  • It is the only bike raced by him in the 250 class as he was still a 125 rider on the West coast and defending champion.
  • It is the only CR250 Peak bike that was built or exists today and Jeremy’s first 250 supercross bike.
  • The bike has been raced by someone since then but  I do not know who or where (but most likely someone from PC at the time and at Mammoth).
  • Bike is still all original to when Jeremy raced it with exception to the front forks.

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