Privateer Profile: Kyle Regal

Young Texas privateer Kyle Regal decided to skip Loretta Lynn's and turn pro earlier this season at Freestone in the 250 class. A few races later he was turning the fastest laps in the 450 class, and has caught the attention of Valli Motorsports.'s Kaelyn Sheedy caught up with Kyle to talk to him about his whirlwind season so far.

Kyle we finally got a hold of you and you’ve just landed in Baltimore. Are you excited for this weekend?
Yep, I just now landed. It’s loud and I can’t really hear that well but yes, I’m excited.

  • Kyle Regal surprised us by switching from a Honda to a Valli Motorsports Yamaha at Unadilla.
Your season started off in the 250 class at Freestone. You were fresh out of the amateur ranks and your first few performances went unnoticed. You skipped out on a couple rounds by choice and we’re now ten rounds into the championship and we see you’ve made the transition to the 450 class. What triggered you to make the switch?
Well, I felt like I had the speed the whole time, I just had terrible luck. I had a couple pile ups, got together with a couple people and had some bad starts. Since I moved up, these last two rounds have come together for me. That second moto at Millville and obviously last weekend at Unadilla, so I hope to keep that ball rolling and do well this weekend too.

Every weekend you continue to improve. You had your best overall finish at Unadilla and it was also your first weekend riding for Valli Motorsports. You’ll continue to ride for them throughout the last three nationals, is this what you’ve been expecting?
You know my goal when I started the series was top ten every weekend, but I see now that I have the speed to do better. These last couple rounds I’m just trying to better that 5th place and see if I can get a top five overall; maybe a top three. I need to get the best starts possible and ride my own race and see what happens.

How did the Valli Motorsports ride come about? Were you nervous at all to sign with a team for only the last four rounds or did you see it as a good opportunity? How are you liking the Yamahas?
I feel good about everything. The bikes are great and we have the suspension working awesome too. I tried out with them, I liked the bike a lot it’s really fast and it was during the break around Loretta’s time that I made the switch. It made sense for both parties, me and the team, they needed a rider and I was still on the edge of doing the last rounds by myself or not but they gave me the opportunity and I took it. Hopefully everyone is happy with my results and I hope to do better this weekend and the remaining rounds.

In that second moto at Unadilla, you were at times the fastest rider on the track and ended up passing Tedesco in the last few laps. What was going through your mind when you started catching and passing factory riders?
Um, I didn’t really think about it! It didn’t really bother me that much, I try to focus on just racing the track. In Texas I get to ride with a lot of fast guys like Wil [Hahn], Tom Hahn, Chad Johnson and other guys, so it really doesn’t bother me pressure wise. I don’t really get nervous I guess you could say. I’m used to it. I just ride my own race.

You’re only 18 years old, it’s your rookie year, and up until last weekend you were doing everything on your own. Are you surprised at all with how much progress you’ve made and how well you’ve actually done?
Well, I don’t know. I was really expecting top tens each and every weekend and it didn’t turn out that way in the beginning, but last week was where I really wanted to be and how I planned on doing it, so I’m just going to keep working at staying consistent and putting myself up front.

  • Kyle's blazing fast and is hoping to land on the podium before the season is over.
Are you more confident now that you can run the pace of the factory guys after your 5th place finish and does that change any of your exceptions for the remaining rounds?
My confidence is great right now. Now that I’ve been up there and riding with them it just shows that I can do it again if I’ve done it, you know, three times already now. Top five for the remaining rounds is my goal, I want to stay inside the top 10. Nothing outside no matter what happens. If I tip over in a corner like I did last weekend in the first moto, whatever happens I want to be top 10. With a good start and if I ride good, for sure top five.

What’s next? Do you have anything lined up for the 2010 season for supercross and motocross?
Nope, I don’t have anything lined up. All the doors are open. Basically, I’m going to do the best as I can do these last rounds. Whatever happens happens, you know what I mean? I want to ride the 250 Class in supercross and then 450 outdoors again next year, but I’m open for anything.

This weekend you’re headed to Budds Creek. Have you ever been there before?
No, I’ve never been. Honestly, I’ve only been to two [national] tracks before and those were Red Bud because I used to live in Michigan and I live in Texas now, so Freestone. All these tracks are new to me, I have a little bit of a disadvantage but that’s alright I just make it up in my fitness (laughs).

Your endurance doesn’t look to be an issue thus far, so that’s good.

Good luck out there this weekend.
Okay, thank you.