Ask Ping!


Can you help me understand the anodization obsession?  Maybe the economy is not quite in the crapper enough because I am seeing these clowns in the novice ranks pulling up to the starting line with a plethora of precious metal anodized parts.  Maybe it is just me, but wouldn't your money be better spent on a training course rather than spending $100 to save weight equal to that of a potato chip?  Maybe you could put the money in an IRA and take an extra wiz before your moto.

I'm just saying!


SoJo Utah

Dear Alan,

If only everyone were as pragmatic as you, Alan. I tend to look at things a little bit more logically, much like yourself. But many young racers don’t have that thought process. If it looks cool they want to have it right now. It doesn’t matter that a $70,000 Escalade is just a $40,000 Tahoe with leather seats and fake wooden trim… they have to have it. And even though most riders couldn’t possibly use all the power of a stock 450 the first thing they go out and buy is a $1,000 exhaust system. I think you hit the nail on the head here. Put the money away for a rainy day and opt for a quick trip to the Mexican space shuttle (Porta-Potty). That $5,000 titanium kit you bought could be matched for free with a tinkle and a sizeable deuce.



I would really like to hear your thoughts on the whole Chad Reed possibly retiring thing. I myself am a Chad Reed fan and have been for a very long time but I find my faith in him beginning to shake a bit. I understand that he feels he is worth a certain dollar amount and it took him a long time to establish that, but when I hear him say that he will hang his boots if he doesn't get a certain amount is crap! He knows the economy is crap and the whole industry is suffering. Why then, would you abandon this sport that has made you who you are in the world? Does it always have to be about money? What ever happened to just riding for the love of it? Without the opportunities our great sport has given him, odds are, he would be a relatively unknown person as opposed to a very wealthy superstar. If you cant make 8 million dollars for one year because of our countries situation, SUCK IT UP!! He's already stated that he is well invested and can do without the money. How about giving something back to the industry, the fans, and most of all the sport that has given him so much?

Kyle Kiriaze

Brentwood, CA

Dear Kyle,

I see where you’re coming from. It’s easy to say that he should do it for the fans because he already has enough money. And he would still be making damn good money even in a horrific economy. But there is a lot of work and a lot of risk involved and at the end of the day he is one of only two or three guys that are going to win supercross races net year. That puts him in a good position to bargain. And I think that talk you hear about him retiring if he doesn’t get what he wants is just that: bargaining. Chad is having a great year and he’s said plainly that he’s having more fun than ever. Driving V8 Supercars would be fun for a couple weeks and then he’d be looking for a bike to ride. Don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet, Kyle. I think “The Chad” will be back net year.


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In Racerhead a couple weeks ago you said the cool new thing is to replace riders who are getting crappy results with obscure young riders who will get crappy results and took some heat for it. As you said, its cool when deserving riders get the factory equipment but it seems like its getting a little out of hand lately. Not only are the replacement riders completely random guys but also they're riding, like, 1 race stints. Kawasaki has had five replacement riders and Yamaha four. And how did Kawi get your boy Jake Moss? I don’t know maybe if he doesn’t work they'll try to get Tom Brady or David Beckham to give it a go. That would be different.

P.S. if you need an obscure replacement rider for your team I’m in.


Dear Broc,

Big News!! For the last three nationals each of the manufacturers will be raffling off a free factory ride for the day!  Now you don’t even have to have a pro license to be a star! Simply fill out the registration card, drop it in the “Hero for a Day” raffle box and get ready to race. If you don’t know how to ride lessons will be provided right before practice on Saturday. Gear companies will throw money at you and [energy drink of your choice here] will pay you an exorbitant amount of money to wear a helmet with their logo on it. Chances of being injured or killed are high so be sure to sign the death and dismemberment waiver on the form. And don’t worry… it will be worth it! You will sit around and sign autographs with Chad Reed, eat turkey sandwiches with Josh Grant and get lapped by, well, everyone. But that's not all! Winners will also receive a free Shamwow! This miraculous material will soak up all of you tears and blood after the beating you will take on Saturday. Don't wait... Sign up now! Factory rides are limited so be sure to act quickly when you get to the pits this weekend at Budds Creek.