Support Our United States ISDE Team

The ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) is one of the oldest off road motorcycle races on the planet. Timmy Weigand was honored this year by getting chosen to represent Team USA. Many may not have heard of this race but it is the Motocross De Nations of the off road world. Each country sends a team to represent their respected nation. This year the United States will be sending Destry Abbott, Kurt Caselli, Ricky Dietrich, Damon Huffman, Nathan Kanney and Timmy Weigand to represent the United State of America.

Since the ISDE is not in the spotlight like the Motocross De Nations, each rider has to come up with the money to get himself, his mechanic, and his bike to the race. The 2009 ISDE will be held in Portugal. In order to get to Portugal, Timmy Weigand will be selling T-Shirts on the website. Please consider making a purchase and supporting our 2009 USA ISDE Team!

The t-shirts are $20.00 including shipping. Check them out at: