New Spectacular Event At the Olympic Stadium Supermotocross

Montreal - EnduroCross (EX) will make its Montreal debut at the 32nd running of the Montreal Supermotocross Presented by Coors Lights and Parts Canada on October 3 at the Olympic Stadium. One of the most spectacular classes of Indoor Off-Road competition, professional EnduroCross racing offers fans exciting non-stop action in every area of the track. EnduroCross reaches speeds that are close to conventional motocross (MX) racing on a supercross-type track that includes trial-inspired settings with the winner pushing past the edge to win. Usually run outdoors on a natural off-road course, EnduroCross has now entered indoor stadiums where tracks are laid out to reproduce outdoor conditions.

"The fact that Europeans had the bright idea of bringing the EnduroCross experience to indoor stadiums is one of the best things that could have ever happened to the sport," said Guy Giroux of Saint-Jérôme, one of Quebec's top EnduroCross riders who has previously competed in the popular motocross event at the Olympic Stadium. "Our races are usually held in the backwoods far away from the city with no easy fan access. Competing at the Olympic Stadium on October 3 in front of a large crowd, will be very exciting. We are going to give the cheering fans quite a show."

EnduroCross contestants will discover that the Montreal Supermotocross event will be similar to what they encounter during an outdoors race called The Special. Not as long as the 50-kilometer Canadian Championship EX finale, it will have riders battling with gnarly obstacles, loose boulders, puddles of water, logs, and much more.

"Guy Giroux is an EnduroCross devotee, and all the riders that share the track with him during this exciting evening feel the same way. It promises to be a tremendous experience for the fans. Not only is EnduroCross the ultimate mind and body challenge, but it appears that the riders are willing to go well above what fans expect for their debut at the Montreal Supermotocross," noted Pierre Corbeil, promoter of the event.

In EnduroCross competition, riders face extreme off-road impediments on motorcycles that are almost identical to motocross bikes, except that their suspensions are not as stiff, and their engines not as powerful. Physically, according to Guy Giroux, EX riding requires a high fitness level especially in the upper arm and legs, great cardio and strong mental focus techniques.

"Riders set and maintain their own rhythm as they battle either bumps or ride all out in corners. Each obstacle is unpredictable and breaks the rhythm of the flow. It also requires extreme focusing skills," explained Giroux, a three-time Canadian champion who is currently ninth overall in the Canadian Enduro Championship standings, led by Bobby Prochnau from British-Columbia.

The introduction of EnduroCross to the Montreal Supermotocross is a further testimony to the promoters ongoing commitment to introducing new and innovative additions to their program. 

The Montreal Supermotocross is one of the most popular events of the year presented at the Olympic Stadium, drawing more than 50,000 fans from Quebec, Eastern Ontario, and the bordering states of the USA. More than 150 riders from Canada, the United States, and Europe will participate in this year's competition.

The best seats in the house, as well as all reserved seating, are currently on sale, and can be ordered online at Admission ( or by calling (514) 790-1245 or 1 800 361-4597). Prices range from $10.00, $19.00, and $28.00 to $37.50. Tickets are also available at participating motorcycle dealers in all regions of Quebec.

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