Guthrie Wins Again at Michigan SuperMoto Championship

Clio, Mich. – Racers from as far away as Quebec, Canada came out in the Michigan summer heat to compete at round two of the Michigan SuperMoto Championship, presented by College Bike Shop, at Auto City Speedway on Sunday, August 16. Coming off wins in the opening round, Bloomington Power Sports/Kawasaki’s Chase Guthrie and Team199/Cernic’s Suzuki/Red Bull’s Ron Meredith had to fight hard for their wins in the Pro and Amateur classes, respectively. Canada’s Cameron Sutherland came in to compete in the Beginner Class and won in convincing fashion.

The racing began after two random rain showers that soaked the track but quickly dried in the 90-degree heat. The Auto City Speedway course features an 80-percent asphalt, 20-percent dirt layout where power made a difference on the straightaway. Consistent laps were the key with the many, many turns on the course.

This round also served as a points-paying round of the Can/Am SuperMoto Championship.

First round Pro Class winner Guthrie was leading the heat race after the first lap and on lap three he slid out in the figure-eight section. This handed the lead to KTM’s Jason Hine who was then hounded by Jeremy Tucker, the only pro on a 250F. They were followed by Husaberg-mounted Timm Kiener. The three-rider battle was tight as the 12-lap heat race continued while Guthrie worked his way up from last place. As the laps wore down, Tucker snagged the lead from Hine and continued to the checkers. Showing his supermoto-prowess, Guthrie worked all the way up to third place, passing Kiener near the end. This set the grid for the Pro Main, though heat winner Tucker was moved to the back since he jumped the start which place Hine on the pole.

In the Pro Main, Guthrie focused on riding a flawless race. Starting on the front row, he worked his way to the lead on the first lap. Eighteen year-old Hine, one of the smoothest riders in supermoto, made Guthrie honest until he stalled his bike in the dirt section and had to work from the back of the pack. Guthrie continued out front, now with Kiener and Tucker in tow. Tucker was on Kiener’s back tire until he crashed near the end. Two riders ended up pulling out from the race, one due to a flat tire and the other likely as a result of the heat. In the end it was Guthrie, Kiener and Tucker. The top three received purse money, trophies, and will vie for the Honda CRF50F and DRD exhaust system awarded to the final pro champion.

College Bike Shop Pro Class Results – Round Two

1.     Chase Guthrie (Kaw)

2.     Timm Kiener (Hbg)

3.     Jeremy Tucker (Kaw)

4.     John Lukasik, Jr. (Yam)

5.     Jason Hine (KTM)

College Bike Shop Pro Class Point Standings (after 2 of 3 rounds)

1.     Chase Guthrie         20

2.     Jason Hine              11

3.     Timm Kiener              9

4.     Jeremy Tucker           9

5.     Alan Doneth              8

In the Amateur Class, first round winner Meredith had his work cut out for him. John Kelesy, who finished second at round one, got into the lead early on in the heat race. After working through some other riders, Meredith was inching up to Kelesy and couldn’t get close enough to make a pass. In the main event, with the two fastest riders in the class starting 1-2, the battle ensued. Meredith grabbed the holeshot and led the entire race though Kelesy kept him honest pushing him hard at many points on the track. The top three finishers received a pair of EKS Brand goggles and a MISuperMoto T-shirt.

DRD Amateur Results – Round 2

1.     Ron Meredith (Suz)

2.     John Kelesy (Yam)

3.     Shannon Kelesy (Yam)

4.     Kevin Kiddle (Yam)

5.     Mike Beckwith (Yam)

DRD Amateur Class Point Standings (after 2 of 3 rounds)

1.      Ron Meredith         20

2.     John Kelesy            14

3.     Shannon Kelesy      12

4.     Noel Ash                 6

5.     Mike Beckwith         8

In the Beginner Class, Sutherland won both the heat race and main event. Meanwhile Martin Hanstein, who finished fourth at round two, showed significant improvement by finishing second. The top three finishers received a pair of EKS Brand goggles and a MISuperMoto T-shirt.

EKS Brand Beginner Class Results – Round 2

1.     Cameron Sutherland (Hon)

2.     Martin Hanstein (Hbg)

3.     Alex Scott (Hon)

4.     Paul Havercroft (Hon)

5.     Tim Havercroft (Suz)

EKS Brand Beginner Class Point Standings (after 2 of 3 rounds)

1.     Martin Hanstein                   11

2.     Paul Havercroft                   11

3.     Dan Marinucci                     10

4.     Cameron Sutherland            10

5.     Scott Havercroft                  8

The third and final round of the Michigan SuperMoto Championship, presented by College Bike Shop, will be Sunday, September 27 at Auto City Speedway. To learn more about the series, visit

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