6-Days of MX Training Camps

Professor Gary Bailey and Joe DeGano of MX Coach are pleased to offer for the first time an intense 6-Days of MX Training Camps for serious and determined racers.  The training includes Gary Bailey riding techniques, mental training & development, athletic training and sports nutrition.  This camp is an opportunity for a select few to be coached to think, race, practice, train, eat and prepare like champions. 

This is professional training at the hands of two of the most respected and renowned motocross coaches in the sport.  You will not be turned over to assistants to do timed laps. You will be taught, tested, and trained by Professor Bailey and Coach DeGano themselves.  

Applicants must be at least fourteen years old and be an accomplished racer.  The training camps will occur for six-day periods this October and November 2009. Applications are being accepted through September 30th.   

To apply: Request a 6-Days of MX Training Camp application by contacting Gary Bailey MX School or DeGano’s MX Coach. For more information go to www.garybailey.com or www.mxcoach.com, or call 276/650-1759 or 208/841-9655.