DMXS Amateur Hour

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After one of the wildest final motos we saw at Loretta’s all week, in which Adam Cianciarulo somehow won his second title, we decided having AC on the show was a must. Listen in as Kawasaki’s youngest ace breaks down his final moto at Loretta’s and his plans to race the European GP series when he turns 16.

Les Smith has always been a player at Loretta’s. He shows up with a huge hand when all the cards are on the table and despite coming up short of a title this year we decided to give Les his 15 minutes of fame. His plans of turning pro at Budds Creek are still on and we got the scoop on everything, including his return to the Carmichael camp in order to prepare.

Mark Worth is one of the youngest riders in the 85 9-11 classes, but he’s also one of the fastest. Listen in as one of Arizona’s most promising up and coming stars fills us in on his week at Loretta’s.