Brayton Earns 4th at Unadilla Motocross

New Berlin, NY – Jagermeister/MDK/KTM rider Justin Brayton earned 4th overall at the Unadilla Motocross event with 8-4 results.

  • Justin Brayton
  • Martin Davalos
Brayton started 10th in the first moto and worked his way up into 8th by the moto end. In moto number two he had a great start rounding the first turn in 2nd. Brayton remained in 2nd place for the first three laps and then dropped to 4th. He rode a strong race sitting in 4th position for the majority of the moto. Brayton was passed late in the moto by Michael Byrne but soon after he passed Ivan Tedesco and regained his 4th place spot. He finished 4th overall in the second moto – a finish strong enough to award him 4th overall.

Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM riders Ryan Sipes and Martin Davalos returned to the racing action at Unadilla after being sidelined due to injury. Davalos pulled the holeshot in the first moto and led most of the first lap before his foot injury flared up causing him to quickly drop back. He stayed on course for 5 laps before pulling off to tend to his foot. Sipes started 8th in his first race of the motocross season and remained there for half of the moto. Sipes eventually dropped a few positions from pain in his wrist, but managed to hang on for a hard fought 11th place finish. The third member of the team, Tommy Searle, started 13th, passed a few riders, and remained consistent to finish 10th in the moto.

In moto number two, Searle got a better start rounding the first turn in 10th. He plowed his way through a few riders and moved up to 7th by the end of the moto. Unfortunately, Davalos wasn’t able to participate in the second moto due to the pain stemming from his foot. Sipes attempted to ride the second moto but also had to pull off due to his wrist injury.

“I felt really strong in the first moto but I had nothing left for the second moto today,” commented Sipes. “I will continue to race the remainder of the rounds and hopefully will get my endurance back through my weekly training program.”

KTM rider Tommy Weeck raced his first pro national at Unadilla. His 18-15 scores earned him 18th overall for the weekend.

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Overall Results 250 Motocross Class:

  1. Christophe Pourcel (1-1)
  2. Ryan Dungey (2-2)
  3. Jake Weimer (3-3)
  4. Brett Metcalfe (4-4)
  5. Broc Tickle (9-5)
  6. Kyle Cunningham (6-8)
  7. Tommy Searle (10-7)
  8. Justin Barcia (7-10)
  9. Matthew Lemoine (14-9)
  10. PJ Larsen (13-11)
  11. Blake Wharton (5-28)
  12. Austin Stroupe (34-6)
  13. Steven Clarke (16-12)
  14. Darryn Durham (8-38)
  15. Ben Evans (17-14)
  16. Ryan Sipes (11-36)
  17. Alex Martin (20-13)
  18. Tommy Weeck (18-15)
  19. Justin Weeks (15-18)
  20. Kevin Windham (12-21)

Overall Points 250 Motocross Class:

  1. Christophe Pourcel – 387
  2. Ryan Dungey – 381
  3. Brett Metcalfe – 287
  4. Tommy Searle – 268
  5. Jake Weimer – 255

Overall Results 450 Motocross Class:

  1. Chad Reed (1-1)
  2. Andrew Short (5-2)
  3. Michael Byrne (4-3)
  4. Justin Brayton (8-4)
  5. David Millsaps (3-11)
  6. Gareth Swanepoel (7-6)
  7. Ivan Tedesco (6-8)
  8. Kyle Regal (10-5)
  9. Thomas Hahn (2-16)
  10. Tim Ferry (11-7)
  11. Jarred Browne (9-9)
  12. James Albertson (14-12)
  13. Nicholas Wey (13-15)
  14. Weston Peick (16-13)
  15. Adam Chatfield (12-17)
  16. Robby Marshall (29-10)
  17. Antonio Balbi (38-14)
  18. Tyler Bowers (15-27)
  19. Cody Cooper (17-30)
  20. Jason Thomas (25-18)

Overall Points 450 Motocross Points:

  1. Chad Reed – 387
  2. Andrew Short – 305
  3. Ivan Tedesco – 286
  4. Josh Grant – 272
  5. Michael Byrne – 245