Rev Up: Unadilla


"I see that we meet again...hmmm." - Jimi Hendrix 

  • Unadilla is one of the most historic tracks on the circuit and it's ready for 2009
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. Alright! It's time to take it back to the drama and high adventure with the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. It's been a whirlwind summer chock full of the highest highs (parity) and some pretty dug out lows (injuries). That said, it's always been my philosophy that you take the good with the bad. Whatever benevolent force helps this mud ball spin on its axis just seems to like it that way, so I've learned to accept it. Kind of like Hugh Romney (aka Wavy Gravy) said 40 years ago on Max Yasgur's farm, "There's always a little bit of heaven in a disaster area." 

My, my, how can it be that the 2009 edition of Unadilla will run on the exact day that Woodstock took place 40 years ago? Each round has held its own special identity and vibe. Not that Unadilla needed any help in the vibe or history category. The home of the "Gravity Cavity" has always held its own special place in motocross history. From the majestic USGP's, to the triumphant 1987 MXdN, to the always exciting outdoor national events, Unadilla is it's own beautiful animal. There must be magic dust in the dirt in that area of upstate New York. 40 years ago, the area hosted the largest gathering of people the modern world had ever seen. Around 500,000 people showed up for three days of mud, and music. 1969 was a tumultuous time in American history and nobody had to strain for a reason to let loose. So they let loose. 40 years later, well, it ain't exactly roses and daises around here is it? So, let's all load up the cooler and head to Unadilla, shall we?

  • There's always just a little more push behind the hometown rider, and Justin Barcia will have it this weekend
What a time for Unadilla to host round nine. What a time to reward the Hill People with what could be the most exciting 4 motos they've seen since the glory days. And on the 8th day God created Bob "Hurricane" Hannah. That was a banner that used to hang in Hill People territory. How many of you have seen footage of Bob riding Unadilla? 30 years ago he would ride wide open with his feet off the pegs, rarely hitting the same line twice. Long blond hair, kind of scrawny, but ripped up and cagy. Not much unlike the kid we'll see putting whiskey throttle to the #151. And that is just the beginning of the excitement...

Fittingly, Unadilla is going with a retro theme. We're going to see some really cool gear and all kinds of old school action on and off the track. Speaking of retro - how long has it been  since we've seen Kevin Windham ride a black number plate? That would be 1996 I believe. This weekend Kevin is going to go out and play with the 250 class and see what he can do against the youth gone wild. Kevin rides Unadilla as good as anyone ever has. His 1-1 over Ricky Carmichael there cements that. How much will he have for the boys? Who cares it's awesome anyways.

The real fight is between Ryan Dungey and Christophe Pourcel. I'm going to pull out my best Larry Maiers here and hope, "that American can beat that communist!" Haha, ole Larry was cool back then. Of course Pourcel is French, and not a Communist -- only the Russians were back in Larry's day (though he appeared to think anyone who lived east of Nova Scotia was a Commie), and it's going to be scary to see what he does with the diverse Unadilla race track. His "crafty" style will be beautiful to watch. Dungey has won the last couple OA's, but the points are still tied. Four rounds to go. We could see one of them break away this weekend. And with the right set of eyes we'll be able to see a whole lot more this weekend.

  • We knew this guy was going to shake things up this weekend, but who was expecting it to be in the 250 class?
Quick side note here before I go. This morning I was watching the Today Show as I had my coffee. They featured the couple that was hugging each other inside the blanket on the cover of the Woodstock live album. I thought it was so cool that out of about a half million people, photographer Burk Uzzle captured a pair that not only ended up on the cover, they are still together 40 years later. What are the chances that say, Simon Cudby will capture something this weekend that may be as iconic? Hey, there will be a lot in the air this weekend, brother.

The Who, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and others played music on Saturday, August 15, 1969 on land just a stone's throw from Unadilla Valley Sports Center. It won't exactly be three days of love, peace, and music this weekend. But the four motos of motocross coming our way should be pretty damn groovy.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.