Canidae Motosport Kawasaki Amateur National Report

  • Dean Wilson
Two weeks of straight racing isn’t easy on any team. A massive amount of time, energy and commitment has been put into the last two weeks and we are elated to report that everything went flawlessly. Over the last two weeks during the Ponca City Grand National and the 2009 Air Nautiques Amateur National Championships the Canidae Motosport Kawasaki riders competed in 20 classes and brought home 17 top five finishes, 12 of which were podiums. Amongst those 12 podiums the Canidae Amateur team added seven more number one plates to the team wall.

Much of the thanks for putting so many titles on the mantle belong to Dean Wilson. After an inspiring run at Ponca, which included three Pro titles and one second, Wilson went into Loretta’s with the same fire and tenacity as he’s shown all year long. His only falter of the week came in the first moto of the week. After a night filled with rain and tornado warnings Dean set out for moto one on a rain soaked track. After a crash and a charge through the pack, Dean managed to pull out a third. Never again would Dean see anything but the top of the podium. He reeled off seven straight moto wins, took two titles in 250 A and 450 A/Pro Sport and went on to win the Horizon Award. Dean is the second Xtreme Team Green rider to earn the award in the last two years, after PJ Larsen put together a magnificent week in 2008 to take the honor.

While Dean led the charge with five titles, Malcolm Stewart, Zack Freeberg and Justin Bogle backed him up with some breakthrough rides of their own. After a tough run at Ponca Malcolm Stewart showed true character and came out swinging at Loretta’s. While he was unable to win a title, he came extremely close in the 450 A and Four Stroke classes with two second overalls. In 450 A Stewart put in consistent 2-2-2 moto scores for second overall and had it not been for a second moto sixth in Four Stroke his 1-6-1 moto scores would have easily been enough for the title. This marks one of Stewart’s most successful attacks on Loretta’s. He will be one of the seasoned riders moving into the pro class next season, so expect big things from the young Floridian.

Many may not know, but this marked the end of Zack Freeberg’s first year on the Canidae team. However, it was only his second national. After a string of injuries Zack returned to the line up in Ponca City – the same place he was signed in 2008 – and picked up right where he left off. He took a 450 Four Stroke title home from Ponca and backed it up with a fifth in 250 Four Stroke. Freeberg also found the box on numerous occasions in Hurricane Mills. His 4-3-3 moto scores in 250 B Mod were good enough to earn him a bronze medal and add to his already illustrious amateur career.

Justin Bogle also had quite a two week run through Ponca and Loretta’s. On his summer break from public school, where he earns national honor grades, Bogle swept the 125 2-Stroke class at Ponca for a title and backed it up with three more top fives. Loretta’s also went well for Bogle as his 2-2-2 moto scores in Schoolboy 2 were good enough for second overall and his 6-4-5 scores in Schoolboy 1 were good enough for fifth overall. A breakout week for Bogle indeed. He will be a permanent fixture in the Intermediate class next year and is expected to be one of the heavy hitters in 2010.

It’s back to the Lucas Oil Outdoor Nationals for us, but we’ll be back in the amateur pits in November for the Winter National Olympics. Be sure and log back onto early next week to find out all the happenings from Unadilla.