RG3 Congratulates Loretta's Amateurs

The 2009 Loretta Lynn Amateur MX National–and probably the biggest amateur event of the year–has now come to an end. Though Loretta’s has now passed, we couldn’t be happier with the success RG3 found throughout the week. Justin Weeks was dominate in the 450 A class, taking the championship, while he also finished a solid fourth place in 250 A. Gannon Audette also nabbed a championship in the 450 B Mod division, while fellow RG3 rider Tanner Krahenbuhl finished inside the top 10 with a seventh place.

RG3 Suspension would like to congratulate all of their riders who competed in this year’s 2009 Loretta Lynn Amateur National, and also give thanks to all of them for their hard work throughout the season!

Justin Weeks:
- 250 A – 4th
- 450 A – 1st

Gannon Audette:
- 250 B Stock – 6th
- 450 B Mod – 1st

Tanner Krahenbuhl:
- 450 B Stock – 3rd
- 450 B Mod – 7th

Nick Paluzzi:
- 450 B Stock – 4th

Brad Frace:
- Schoolboy 1 B/C – 3rd
- Schoolboy 2 B/C – 3rd