DMXS Tonight

Travis Pastrana is somewhere in the Northwest filming for the much anticipated second season of the popular Nitro Circus television show, but will somehow find a few spare minutes for us tonight. Travis may have survived the X-Games, but his very competitive nature assures he wasn’t happy with the outcome. We will hear all about that and bust his very sore balls as usual.
Makita Suzuki’s Mike Gosselaar is the James Brown of mechanics and does more before 9am then most people do all day. We have been trying to coordinate our schedules since Glen Helen and hopefully the stars will align tonight after his quad ride through the forest near his secret lair. We have been sworn to secrecy on its whereabouts, but I just hope the satellite phone works there tonight.
GEICO Powersports Honda’s Blake Wharton had a few bad races in a row before posting an impressive second overall at Washougal. The young gun also had an interesting time at the X-Games and we will get his take on the week from his always unique perspective.
Chris Ridgway
takes a coveted gold medal in the Adaptive MotoX at the X-Games and was also inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first amputee to win an X-Games gold. Chris is an inspiration and welcome him on the show for the first time.’s Robb Beams is always a popular guest with his advice and insight on training and the overall health of the athlete. You can check out more information on Robb and his MotoE Performance Training Camps which are located at their new facility and track at
Jason Weigandt
is slowly taking over the world and that is a good thing. The talented broadcaster has been doing a stellar job in the booth this year along the side of David Bailey and others to bring you the nationals in vivid technicolor. Weege always brings his A game so crack a cold Schlitz and join us tonight.
Factory Yamaha has secured the talented Matt Goerke to fill in for the injured Josh Hill starting this weekend at Unadilla. Matt is well known in the pits as a hard worker and this is the kind of chance that riders dream about. We are sure Matt will make the most of it and are glad to spend some time with him tonight.
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