5th Annual MX for Children Ride Day

Its time to gear up for our annual Western Washington Ride Day on Saturday September 12th, 2009 at 5th Gear Pinned in Morton Washington.  This event's Ride Day format is VERY different from years past so please read carefully.  5th Gear Pinned was kind enough to donate their track this year but we can only accommodate 30 riders!  So to make this a successful fundraiser, everyone must participate in fundraising to come to the ride.  You must "give or get" at least $100 per rider to qualify for participation in the Ride.  This means you either donate $100 OR you donate AND raise pledges from friends, family, and corporate sponsors. Pledges must be turned in by September 4th and the top 30 fundraisers will be invited to the Ride at the event.  (If you don't make the cut, you will still get a Ride Day T-shirt and the good feeling of having raised money for a great cause -- hydrocephalus research at Seattle Children's Hospital.)  Once you are there, the ride will follow our usual format -- lunch, t-shirt, Xbox gate prize drawing, highest flyer award and a professional photographer on hand to shoot your best whip.  For more information, go to our NEW website at http://www.mxforchildren.org/ride-events/ and download a pledge form NOW!

All Proceeds Benefit Hydrocephalus Research at Seattle Children's Hospital

MX for Children functions under the Guild Association for Seattle Children's Hospital and raises funds to benefit unique research at Seattle Children's for the #1 cause of brain surgery in kids -- hydrocephalus.