X Games: A Look Back - Dream Traxx & DHI

X Games 15 is done and gone, and it was crazy to see how much effort went into it, and how quickly it was over.

Jason Baker of Dream Traxx, was called in by Dane Herron of DHI, to team up with him at this years X Games. The goal was to combine the expertise that DHI has in freestyle construction and event management, with the knowledge and skill that Dream Traxx has in Supercross/Motocross track design and construction, to create the best Moto course that X Games has ever seen. This was the first time that Dream Traxx and DHI have teamed up to complete an event together, but the end result proved this collaboration was a perfect match.

Construction began on Tuesday and was finished by Sunday. This is the quickest an X Games Moto course, that has included five different disciplines,has ever been constructed. The crews of both DHI and Dream Traxx stood back in awe at what they created. After all it was X-Games, where it is mandatory to go bigger and better. The course looked awesome, now it was time to see what the riders thought.

The moto guys came out on Wednesday to test the track. Jason was pumped when both riders loved it and only asked for minor changes to be made. The track looked so much fun to ride and those are the exact comments that were heard from the riders. Even though the track that they were going to race on included bigger jumps and more technical rhythms than the norm, that is what the riders appreciated and enjoyed the most. The real test was making sure this track would also suit the needs of the adaptive and women's class. With the for-mentioned scale of the track only time would tell. Practice for both disciplines went off without a hitch, and no further track adjustments were necessary. This proved how amazing and skilled this years adaptive and women's class riders were. 

The freestyle guys loved the course that was created for them as well. Only a few minor tweeks were necessary to make the riders feel more comfortable, which allowed them to throw some of the craziest tricks to date. This years new jam session format only added to technicality of the course Dane Created. The insane course was only limited by the riders imagination.

When it came down to the finals the riders were ready. The course could have used more prep time, but with the busy schedule of X Games and the TV schedule - there just wasn't enough time. With all of the practice that took place on the course and the brutal summer sun, it became slick and blue-grooved. Even after a huge effort went into watering and preparing both the Super X and Freestyle course, the summertime conditions prevailed. Regardless, the courses were still a lot of fun for the guys...and girls, and the final events went great. Some great runs were performed by the freestyle guys as well as some exciting racing by the men, women, and  the adaptive riders. Everyone was pumped!

All in All, X Games 15 SuperX and MotoX Freestyle was a great success. Dream Traxx would like to thank Dane Herron and the entire DHI crew for the opportunity to be a part of such a respected and special event.

For more information on Dream Traxx or to have your own Supercross or Motocross track custom built for your needs, visit www.dreamtraxx.com.