Answer Racing's James Stewart Takes Silver in X Games Best Whip

In his first ever X-games appearance, James Stewart collected 21% of the texted votes to earn him the runner up spot in the first of three events he was set to compete in.  

One of the most celebrated athletes of X-games 15, the multi-time SX/MX champion who is known for his ability to whip a dirt bike, won over fans with his huge no footed Nac whips!    

Unfortunately his quest for X-games gold was cut short due to a shoulder injury he suffered on Friday morning on the last lap of Supermoto qualifying, where he was sitting in 3rd position.

"Stewart went for an MRI and X-ray, both came back negative" said James Stewart's team manger Larry Brooks. "There was nothing wrong structurally with his shoulder and  it appears to be just a deep muscle bruise.   He was devastated and had been looking forward to competing in the X games for a long, long time...and he was just loving it... then      to have a silly little thing,not even a crash, hurt him the way it did. The whole weekend ended right here."  

Look for James to be back in action in Vegas, where he is set to defend his US Open title.