Pro Circuit Privateer Contest Winner Announced

  • Congratulations Ozzy Barbaree!
Well, the word is out folks. After carefully narrowing down the entrants and looking over their submissions with a fine-tooth comb, I have selected Ozzy Barbaree of White Hall, AR as the winner of the Pro Circuit Privateer Power Contest winner.

I wanted to get that guy who really didn’t have much support, the guy that didn’t have the big-time sponsor, so right away that eliminated some guys. I wanted the guy to be somewhat fast, pay for everything and have a dream. I think I found it in Ozzy. Besides, the guys name is Ozzy and who can argue with that? Here’s Ozzy’s winning letter:

Dear fellow motorcycle enthusiast,

My name is Ozzy Barbaree.  I am a twenty year old college student from White Hall, AR.  The life I live is quite unique when compared to most AMA professionals.  On top of competing in select outdoor nationals and supercross races for the past three years, I also attend college full time, and I am only 1 year shy of my associates degree in Respiratory Care.  When growing up, coming through the amateur ranks, my dream was always to get some kind of ride so I could compete in each race of the professional circuit.  As years passed, it became obvious that my dream might be a little harder to reach than I had expected. Nevertheless, I am still trying.  Everything I do, whether it be for school or motocross, gets my full attention. 

With each year that passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to get to the races.  This is mainly a money issue.  My parents have done everything they could for me, but without the extra money to spend I have been forced to pick and choose which races I am able to attend.  I had planned on going to Unadilla and Southwick toward the end of the summer, and it would mean so much to me if I had this opportunity to be able to race one of those without the distraction of money.  It would also be a great change of pace to actually have a mechanic that knows a little more than just knowing how to clean an air filter.   Please give me this opportunity, maybe it will give me the little edge I need to get that illusive national point I have been working so hard for.  Sincerely, Ozzy Barbaree

Great grammer! He goes to school and everything! He called me a “motorcycle enthusiast!” I don’t know, he just seems like a good kid and when I called him up, he had this to say:

"Well I am speechless over getting picked for this contest.  This is an incredible opportunity, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  To say thanks to all the people involved would be an understatement. I am sincerely thankful for getting chosen for this opportunity."

So look for Ozzy and Matthes at Southwick, I’ve tuned Ferry to a podium there before, I’m thinking I can get Ozzy his national point that he craves. It’ll be a little easier when he has that brand new Pro Circuit system on his RMZ 250 as well as the new gear from Answer and goggles from Scott. Yes, that’s right, after reading my little contest, Roger from Answer and John from Scot have stepped up and provided Ozzy with everything that the factory guys get.

Thanks to Pro Circuit, Racer X, Answer and Scott for letting me do this and if you see #862 at the ‘Wick, cheer him on. He’s earned everything he’s gotten!