FMF Racing Spearheads Launch of

August 5, 2009 4:06pm

With OHV land threatened every day it’s time to educate ourselves and join a cause to support the sport we love. Offroad riding is a family sport and something that companies like FMF were founded upon. The purpose of is to create community and a place for the public to voice their opinions and create awareness. Owner and founder of FMF Don Emler states “ We’re spearheading the effort to lower noise levels by funding projects like these and are investing heavily in developing quiet performance technology. FMF has been an industry leader in sound reduction since we announced our first Q Series muffler in 2001 and we remain committed to the cause.”

Heading up the front on content and the SOUNDOFF forum will be Michael “The Rock” Rigdon. Michael has dedicated a large portion of his daily life to raise awareness in regards to Sound Issues and Sound testing. Donny Emler Jr states “ It’s great to have someone like Michael heading up the daily efforts of SOUNDOFF. FMF and Michael share the same passion for riding and understanding that we all must come together to ensure that we can keep doing something that we love.”

“ Excessive noise levels threaten our riding areas we’re all responsible for learning what we can do to make our bikes quieter, and respecting everyone who shares our natural resources. Next time you cross paths with someone enjoying our backcountry recreation, make sure you’re running an FMF Q4 muffler, and in turn it down a notch until you’re in the clear.”

Remember we gain more ground by working together. to stay informed on the latest news related to the sound issues, and learn more about products designed to help you ride quiet at

Working with organizations like the Blue Ribbon Coalition, ORBA and NOHVCC, FMF is totally committed to reducing noise levels, and protecting our open riding land.