ASMF Continues Coverage of the Amateur MX Nationals

Jacksonville, FL - The Action Sports Medicine Foundation and the Road 2 Recovery Foundation with the help of sponsors Leatt Brace and Shock Doctor are proud to bring the ASMF Mobile Sports Medicine Unit to the fourth race of the 2009 Amateur MX Nationals at Ponca City, Oklahoma and then directly on to Tennessee for the Air Nautiques 2009 Amateur National Championship otherwise known as Loretta Lynn’s.  This is the same unit that debuted at Loretta Lynn’s and Mini O’s in 2007. The treatment facility will again provide sports medicine services such as taping and stretching as well as evaluation and medical treatment of injuries not requiring emergency room transport. The ASMF staff covering Ponca City will be certified athletic trainers Christine Chmielewski, Samantha Julias and Danny Dongo, paramedic Andy Burkhalter, and Dr. John Abbott. The ASMF staff for Loretta’s will be certified athletic trainers  Christine Chmielewski, Samantha Julias, Danny Dongo, Ryan Pickert and Eddie Casillas, along with physicians Dr. Stephen Augustine and Dr. James McGee.  The entire staff for both events is experienced with motocross sports medicine. In addition to providing on site sports medicine care, the unit will bring a new level and understanding of the importance of safety and health issues to the sport by providing educational information to the athletes about the Leatt brace as well as the Eject system and mouthguards from Shock Doctor.

We have worked extremely hard raising enough funds to help support the ASMF team in their mission to provide these on-site services free of charge to the amateur riders at these events. It is an amazing program that is priceless.  All of the athletes can now race with a peace of mind knowing they have a top rate medical staff to serve them at the track. We are still working thru financial hurdles but the hard work of both our organizations has paid off and will bring the unit to all of the amateur races in 2009”  quoted Chuck Baldwin, Director of the Road 2 Recovery Foundation.

It is very gratifying to finally see all the hard work everyone has put forth to help make this program a reality has paid off. I can’t thank everyone enough from individual donors and our volunteer medical staff to our sponsors that include – Shock Doctor, Leatt Brace, Road 2 Recovery, St Vincent’s Hospital and The Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute. Without their help it would not be possible to provide such a great service to the amateur motocross community. The goal of the athletic trainers at theses events is to provide numerous medical and educational services to the athletes and parents that do not fall under the EMS professionals’ care service umbrella.  Athletic trainers will fill a gap in the athlete’s care that has not been available in the past.  Working together with the local EMS providers, the ASMF staff is there to raise the level of care to athletes competing in action sports,” quoted Dr. Steve Augustine, President and Founder of ASMF.

The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a 501-(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Supercross and Motocross athletes. One goal at the Road 2 Recovery would be to completely provide for a professional rider for the duration of their life if they are unable to generate revenue again. We can strive towards this goal with the help of everyone in the motocross community who is passionate about this sport. The Road 2 Recovery is out there to make our sport a better safer place.

The Action Sports Medicine Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality and availability of sports medicine to athletes participating in action sports. The foundation was formed in 2003 by Dr. Steve Augustine, and is based out of the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute in Florida. Our desire is to become a quality resource for athletes who are looking to receive sports medicine on-site services, and for the various health care workers who are looking to help provide these services. The primary sports that we will be serving are motocross, BMX, skateboarding, wakeboarding and surfing. Within this population, we will focus on the amateur athlete. Our goal is to enhance the level of on-site sports medical care at the grass roots level. In doing so, we can enable the athletes to maximize their capabilities and participation in their chosen sports. Secondarily, we feel confident that we can raise the level of understanding of these sports within the medical community, thus enabling other health care practitioners to better deal with the needs of this unique group of athletes. Please visit our websites at  and

Shock Doctor is the manufacturer of the Eject System used by ASMF and others around the nation. You’d never think of racing a car or motorcycle without a helmet. You shouldn’t think of wearing a helmet without the Eject Helmet Removal System by Shock Doctor installed either. The simple device is so small and lightweight it does not change the fit and feel of your helmet -- you’ll never know it’s there. The Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System helps prevent further neck and spine injuries of crash victims. When any type of cervical spine injury is suspected, first responders can easily remove the helmet without causing further unwanted movement to the victim’s head or neck. The system is so highly lauded that the AMA (American Motorcycle Assoc.) and the IRL (Indy Racing League) now require it for all licensed professional riders and drivers.

Leatt Brace is in the business of designing, developing, and manufacturing protection equipment for all types of motorsports. Currently, Leatt is the current distributor of the Leatt Brace, a revolutionary neck protection system for all helmeted sports.  Leatt Corporation is passionate about protecting people. Safety is the core of our business and we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals who are equally driven and eager to achieve our ultimate goal: saving lives.