WORCS Week Kicks Off in Washington

Olympia, WA - The AMA WORCS Bike Week National Championship is moving right along up north in Washington this week, just outside the states capital at Straddleline ORV park.  The first event of the 4 part AMA National Championship for this newly added WORCS Bike Week kicked off with an AMA Western National Hare Scramble formated event with Ricky Dietrich taking the win in a 2-1/2 hour chaotic and somewhat back and forth epic Hare Scramble style race.  FMF Suzuki’s Charlie Mullins pulled hole shot from the dead engine start with Factory Kawaski/Monster Energy’s Destry Abbott and Northland Kawasaki/Precision Concept’s Jamie Lanza in tow. Then all hell broke loose, a bottle neck occurred with the A riders in the back causing a totally impassible track. WORCS Director/President Sean Reddish was forced to red flag the event and resume from the starting line with a Nascar-Bounty Hunter single file restart with a 5 second interval from where they were scored on the lap before. After a restart, Dietrich was forced to start from the back from where he was on the previous lap before carnage broke out, Mullins, Abbott, Caselli (who came out while taking the GNCC summer off), Lanza and more continued to file back through for a stunning finish.  In the end it was Dietrich, Abbott and Caselli who stood on the box. AMA National Champions, ISDE Gold medalists are all taking part in this 1stAnnual AMA/WORCS Championship Bike Week.  Be sure to check back on Thursday morning for results from Wednesday’s WORCS GPMX race to take place.  On Friday night, the 3rd part of the event will be the WORCS Xcross, finishing up with WORCS Rnd #8 on Sunday, Aug. 9th.  I will let Joe Columbero, WORCS Press contributor bring you the in depth story of this weekends events. Be sure to check back later today for that story.  It was definitely one for the books.  Western National Hare Scrambles points, WORCS National Championship points and AMA WORCS bike week points are all at stake. This has to be the most important week in off road racing. This multi-disciplined 4 part series is sure to be a hit and the Champion will receive the AMA #1 plate for their participation and best overall scores from the individual events.
Be sure to visit www.worcsracing.com for all the highlights from this week’s AMA/WORCS Championship Bike Week series