RG3 Suspension Congratulates Ponca Racers

RG3 Suspension would like the congratulate all of our amateur racers who took part in the 2009 Ponca City Amateur National for all of their hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed!

Brad Frace:
-125 Two-Stroke Non-Pro (2nd)
-125/250 Schoolboy Thru 16 Non-Pro (3rd)
-250 Mod Intermediate (1st)
-250 Stock Intermediate (3rd)

Tanner Krahenbuhl:
-250 Two-Stroke Non-Pro (10th)
-Four-Stroke Non-Pro (26th)
-450 Mod Intermediate (2nd)

Justin Weeks:
-250 Mod Pro (7th)
-250 Stock Pro (2nd)
-450 Mod Pro (1st)
-450 Stock Pro (2nd)

Jennifer Burton:
-125-250 Women Non-Pro (2nd)
-65-85 Girls (12th)

Jayme Gardiner:
-85 Stock Thru 11 (7th)
-Supermini (24th)

Gannon Audette:
-250 Mod Intermediate (3rd)
-250 Stoke Intermediate (5th)
-450 Mod Intermediate (3rd)
-450 Stock Intermediate (4th)