Brayton Earns Silver in Super X Men’s Final

Los Angeles, CA – Jagermeister/MDK/KTM rider Justin Brayton topped his 5th place finish at X-Games 14 with a silver medal for his 2nd place finish in Men’s Super X at X Games 15.

KTM support rider Michael Sleeter nailed the holeshot on the start of heat number one. The unique start sent riders down a short straight immediately over a large table top. Sleeter made it to turn one first and led the first couple turns before getting passed by eventual heat winner Josh Hansen. Sleeter eventually finished the moto in 6th and was sent to the last chance qualifier.

Heat number two featured Brayton who grabbed the holeshot after coming into the heat with the fastest qualifying time. Brayton led the race start to finish. “I felt really good going into the heat and knew I could win. I am glad I was able to put in a solid ride - I am looking forward to the main,” commented Brayton after his heat win.

J-Law Racing/KTM rider Max Anstie was also in attendance at Super X. He missed qualifying in his heat and lined up for the last chance. Shortly into the LCQ, he was landed on by Blake Wharton and was not able to finish the race. Anstie went off with the medics for further evaluation. Sleeter qualified from the last chance into the main event.

The start of the main had Sleeter up front early running in 3rd, unfortunately a crash early in the moto sent him to the tail end of the pack. Brayton also got a good jump on the start but was pinched off in the first turn finishing the first lap in 8th. By the half way point Brayton had moved into 4th and the next lap into the top three. In a remarkable sprint in the final laps he passed Windham for 2nd where he remained to take home the silver medal.

Overall Results Super X –

  1. Josh Hansen
  2. Justin Brayton – KTM
  3. Kevin Windham
  4. Matt Boni
  5. Nick Wey
  6. Chris Blose
  7. Jeremy McGrath
  8. Christian Craig
  9. Heath Voss
  10. Daniel Blair
  11. Michael Sleeter – KTM
  12. Jason Lawrence