X Games Best Trick Photo Report

  • Kyle Loza took X Games Best Trick gold for the second year in a row with his Electric Death (or whatever it's officially called).
  • Blake Williams (AKA Bilko) threw this Indian Air whip flip and followed it with a...
  • ...No-handed flip to no-hander-lander. Certainly if they gave medals for the best average score, he'd have won, but he got the Silver.
  • Todd Potter had a Lazy Boy flip for third place.
  • Travis Pastrana's rodeo 720 (on an RM125) was impressive, but...
  • ...it ended like this. He got up, and after committing for a second run...
  • ...he pulled the plug. Rumor had it that Subaru made it clear that they wanted to medal on Sunday and pulled the plug.
  • Paris Rosen attempted a front flip, but crashed.
  • Charles Pages attempted a Decade Air with some sort of device that allowed the bars to spin freely on the triple clamps and...
  • ...ended with him on the ground in a heap. He was the third of three riders who didn't attempt a second run.
  • Both of one-trick-wonder Scott Murray's double-backflip attempts ended like this. He finished seventh of eight.
Best Trick could officially have a name change to "Best Save".

Of the eight riders competing, "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram said that five of them had never landed the trick they intended to try to dirt. These riders included at least Charles Pages (Decade Air), Travis Pastrana (Rodeo 720), Paris Rosen (Front Flip), and Kyle Loza (rumored bike flip). And by round two, basically half of the field was out. Pastrana crashed big on his Rodeo 720 attempt, as did Pages on his Decade Air and Rosen on his front flip.

Scott Murray crashed in both of his double-backflip attempts, and solid runs by both Todd Potter and Blake "Bilko" Williams were put on the back burner by a return of Kyle Loza's "Electric Death", which won him the gold last year.

New trick or old, though, Loza got the gold for the second year in a row with the same trick. Will Pastrana be back with his Rodeo next year? That's a safe bet. So will Loza be content to stay with his tried-and-true body varial? Probably not.


1. Kyle Loza 89.20
2. Blake Williams 88.00
3. Todd Potter 83.40
4. Travis Pastrana 61.40
5. Paris Rosen 57.80
6. Charles Pages 55.00
7. Scott Murray 51.80
8. William Watts 37.60