X Games 15 MOTO X Step Up Results

Los Angeles – Fighting their way to a contested tie, Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Renner each won their second career gold medal in Moto X Step Up at X Games 15.

The last riders standing with a 35-foot bar to clear, the X Games Sports and Competition Director decided that if both missed their allotted pair of attempts, they would each get one final chance in a single elimination.  Neither was successful on their final try, but both were satisfied to share the glory.

“I worked my tail off for that thing.  I can’t believe that I finally won,” said Renner before expressing gratitude towards the STAPLES Center crowd. “Thanks for keeping me motivated.”

Carmichael was also pleased with his finish.  “The stakes were high, you know?  Just going back and forth.  And, my style has never been pretty.  Just get the job done.  I’m happy.”

Matt Buyten made the final three before failing to clear 33-feet. 

Results of from ESPN X Games 15 MOTO X Step Up at STAPLES Center on July 30, 2009. 

Name                                                  Hometown                                 Height

1) Ricky Carmichael                       Havana, FL                                 34.00 feet

1) Ronnie Renner                              Tampa, FL                                 34.00 feet

3) Matt Buyten                                  Minden, NV                                33.00 feet

4) Jeremy McGrath                           Encinitas, CA                             32.00 feet          

5) Kevin Windham                         Centreville, MS                          30.00 feet

6) Brian Deegan                               Bellevue, NE                   26.00 feet