American Supercamp Schedule

Just a quick update on the Supercamp front as we have a ton going on this fall and wanted to give you a heades up. 
Our ASESP listed below will be ending as of August 15.  Take advantage of the great discounts on our fall camps.
Our complete 2009 camp schedule and the Winter 2010 camps are already up on the site and ready for registrations.
Now is your chance to get in while the pricing is great!  Don't wait until it's to late and the camps are "FULL"

  • Dept. of Riding Education release:
    Phase II: ASESP

    Effective immediately American Supercamp will initiate Phase II of the ASESP(American Supercamp Economic Stimulus Package.) A pricing tier for 2009 has been established to reward those riders who show promptness in their dedication to riding education. The pricing program rewards riders who register 60 days or more prior to a school with a $100 discount. Also, registrations received 30 days prior will receive a $50 discount and 15 days prior garners a $25 discount. Early sign up not only ensures participation (class size limited to 27) but showcases your fiscal responsibility! ASESP still available for a limited time of Fall 2009 camps.  (ASESP does not apply to ProCamps)

Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 Camp schedule

Sept 25 - 25 Toledo, OH -Combined

Nov. 6-7 DuQuoin, IL - Combined
Nov. 8-9 DuQuoin, IL -ProCamp
Nov. 13-14 Harrington, DE -Combined
Nov. 15-16 Harrington, DE -ProCamp
Nov. 21-22 Charlotte, NC -Combined
Dec. 4-5 City Of Industry, CA - NonRacer
Dec. 6-7 City Of Industry, CA - Racer
Dec. 8-9 City Of Industry, CA -ProCamp


January 8-9 Greeley, CO - NonRacer
January 10-11 Greeley, CO -Racer
Feb. 19-20 Morgan Hill, CA -NonRacer
Feb. 20-21 Morgan Hill, CA -Racer
Feb. 22-23 Morgan Hill, CA -ProCamp
March 12-13 Gainsville, GA -NonRacer
March 14-15 Gainsville, GA -Racer
March 26-27 City Of Industry, CA -NonRacer
March 28-29 City Of Industry, CA - Racer
March 30-31 City Of Industry, CA - ProCamp

  • ProCamp

American Supercamp has long been known as a motorcycle school that pushes the boundaries of students and motorcycles. In continuing with that theme American Supercamp introduces the ProCamp. The ProCamp is the most intense and advanced riding program ever offered from American Supercamp and is designed as another step for students that have attended American Supercamp race schools. Utilizing larger bikes than a standard Supercamp students will be working at greater speeds on larger tracks. As with other American Supercamp schools students ride American Supercamp provided motorcycles. In the case of the ProCamp those motorcycles are specially prepared Yamaha TT-R230 Dirt-Track bikes. The emphasis of the ProCamp will be Dirt-Track with none other than 7-time Grand National Champion Chris Carr joining national number 67 and multi Grand National race winner Mike Hacker and the rest of the Supercamp crew in coaching and strategy. Each student is assured of essential one on one coaching with class sizes limited to only 21 students .

Mike Hacker had this to say when approached about the new ProCamp.
"This is going to be a HUGE step for a ton of riders. These things (TT-R230's) handle just like a stock frame 450 dirt-tracker. They just don't have the 50 hp which means the faster speeds. There is a lot of intimidation and risk to taking some of these advanced steps in your riding, and these things take a lot of that intimidation away. This is going to get a lot of riders over a hump in their riding. I can't imagine if there was a program like this when I was 16 or 20 or whatever, when us that are pros now were younger. The level of competition is high now, I can guarantee with this program it would be even higher."

This is the most advanced Dirt-Track school program ever developed, and is a next step from the standard American Supercamp racer school. This is Dirt-Track.

Utilizing larger TT-R230 bikes set up specifically for Dirt-Track on larger and longer tracks than standard Supercamps.

12 years and older. 21 students Maximum.

  • Introduction to Motorcycles,

and Individual motocross training
Ft. Collins, CO .

Introduction to Motorcycles.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Entry level courses for kids ranging from the first time even around a motorcycle through intermediate skills such as smaller jumps. We will provide all the gear (including lectures on the importance of safety gear) and the motorcycles. Classes are generally held every wed., fri., and sat. evenings. $150 for 3 hour class.

You are never to old to follow that dream of wind in your face. No matter what type of riding you would like to get into we have the best introduction to motorcyling available. Small lightweight dirtbikes offer new riders the opportunity to learn how controls work and become comfortable opperating a motorcycle without the added distractions of the street. Drop our motorcycle on its side all you want. All of the safety gear is provided too. Classes generally every we wed., fri., and sat. evenings. $175 for 3 hour class.

Gettting in and out of the corner is the center of a fast lap. We can help you with your jumping too. We have very specific training bikes, just bring your gearbag. Call for arranging an individual training session.

On the frontage road on the east side of I-25 just south of the Windsor exit. (opposite side of the highway from the Ft. Collins/Loveland Airport.) Exit I-25 at the Windsor exit and follow the frontage road south and turn into the first house after the first county road. We are about the only thing out there.

Michael Carder at or 970/481-8693