Tell Us Another Story, David Bailey


“I had big plans for the 1984 Carlsbad 500 GP. My bike was ludicris fast and I could put it wherever I wanted. Broc Glover was riding a pile of crap air cooled YZ490 so I won just about every moto that year in the 500 nationals and wanted to crush the world at Carlsbad on ABC Wide World of Sports. I watched all the USGP's as a kid since it was the only MX race on TV and couldn't wait for the race..."

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KTM’s Kyle McGlynn is having quite the season. The kid from Alberta was a sleeper pick before the nationals began as someone that could really take a step up and be a guy in 2010 that could win. Well, the future is now after Kyle’s win in muddy St Thecle this past weekend. Kyle is on an upward path and is the only Canadian rider who’s racing that’s in the top seven in the points.