Nate Adams on Jason Ellis Show

Tune into the Jason Ellis show on Sirius Satellite Radio on July 28th at 1:30pm. To hear a live interview from DEFT family member Nate Adams.

DEFT Family members Nate Adams, Todd Potter, and family friend Jermey "twitch" Stenberg. To due Loveline on KROQ July 29th at 10:00pm.

"DEFT represents a united family of athletes, artists and creative individuals inspired by the underground lifestyle to smash boundaries and define our future.

DEFT was started by a core crew of friends; each gifted in their own way, united as DEFT FAMILY. Each influenced by Music, Art, Culture, Sport, Faith and Fashion.

DEFT products are created by DEFT FAMILY members to deploy individual expression and personality. Committed to bringing the costumer high quality products

combined with a fresh look, DEFT FAMILY is a brand and a lifestyle... WE ARE DEFT."