New video: "As the Gears Turn 2"

July 21, 2009 3:02pm
Reno, NV - Cuyler Ruskin of CBR Films announced today his film project titled "As the Gears Turn 2" 351- The Return of Josh Morros.  Josh Morros was no question, the fastest rookie Pro off-road rider in the country last year out of the WORCS series.  The Factory Kawasaki/Monster Energy rookie was injured in an AMA Hare & Hound race in August of 2008.  This movie marks the return of Josh Morros.  Josh's hard work, family closeness, team dedication, determination and two men by the name of Mike Shirley & Gary Miller.  Mike Shirley a business owner out of Reno, Nv, owns and operates one of the most successful rehab/athletic clubs this side of the rockies.  Double Diamond Athletic Club, Shirley & Gary Miller, Morro's strength and conditioning coach, help make this return and dream become possible.  Step inside the life of Josh Morros.  Go behind the scenes with Josh at the DDAC, his home, free riding and his return to professional racing at the 2009 Las Vegas Endurocross opener, this coming weekend.  This film clip concentrates on the Double Diamond Athletic Club's surroundings and a big part of Morro's current life and the start of his return to professional racing.  Look for the DVD to hit shelves in late October, early November.  Makers of the film, As the Gears Turn starring Kurt Casselli, Producer & Director Cuyler Ruskin brings his second film to the off-road MX community.  Enjoy and remember to visit to reserve you copy today.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities on this unique and captivating film, please contact Jason Reed with JR Publications at or Cuyler Ruskin at 

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