Ultimate Custom Apparel

With Alias Gear’s patent pending interchangeable nametag technology, you can be a different person every day.

MINNEAPOLIS - Alias Gear custom clothing launches the first line of shirts that allows you to choose the color, back design and, with our patent pending interchangeable nametag technology, a different alias for whatever mood you may be in.  Changing your alias is as simple as pulling off the nametag and attaching another!

Founded in 2004, Alias Gear, Inc, is a Minnesota based company that exclusively markets and distributes Alias Gear custom apparel.  During the past five years, the demand for this unique customizable clothing has increased, creating a market for cutting edge concepts such as Alias Gear.

 “This is a very exciting product!  The most commonly asked question over the past few years, while the product has been in development, was… where can I get one?  Restaurant managers, action and motor sports enthusiasts, concert goers, gamers, event planners and others were all very excited about the upcoming release of this new idea in shirt technology.  We, at Alias Gear Inc., are eager to offer this unique product after years of planning and hard work!” – Founder, Jay Gubrud

The combination of a button down polyester-cotton blend shirt with hip designs or a company logo on the back and removable nametag lets you express yourself, plus you won’t believe the reactions you get from others. Countless words or short phrases can be on a nametag; with this breakthrough idea, the possibilities are endless! The shirt has diverse appeal and can be worn by anyone from motorcycle enthusiasts, gamers, poker players, extreme sports enthusiasts, meeting attendees to bartenders and everyone in between.  Everyone can have a one of a kind look with this shirt!

About Alias Gear

Alias Gear Inc. is the dream of Minnesota native and founder, Jay Gubrud.  Jay and everyone at Alias Gear are very excited to offer this product for distribution and get it out to the people.   We highly anticipate that it will revolutionize the apparel industry because the look of the final article of clothing is completely in the hands of the consumer!  We rely on constant feedback and input from you, the consumer, to create a product you desire.  Alias Gear Inc. is passionate about bringing out the individual in everyone!

You can find out more at www.aliasgear.com .  We also have a presence on Facebook - visit Alia S. Gear to become a friend!