Stewart to Race Genoa Supercross

After all the rumours, we can finally confirm that James Stewart will participate the 2009 Genoa Supercross (Italy) on 28th November: for this race he will ride his bike, the new YZF 2010, which will be sent directly from the American base of his Team L&M. All of his team will transfer in Genoa some days before the event.

Our main objective for 2009 is to offer the highest-level event to all of the fans; for this reason James will find competitive challengers and a real Supercross track, to be raced in 55 second lap time and to be created inside the Genoa International Fair Palasport, one of the largest in Europe, which will be entirely used for the realization of the track, for such a contest only.

The official presentation of his participation will be made during the X-Games contest in Los Angeles, where the news will be confirmed and explained further by James.

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