Fifteen Minutes, Fourteen Seconds with Ricky Dietrich

One of the coolest stories of the outdoor nationals has been taking place under the Monster Energy Kawasaki tent and no, it isn’t Tim Ferry coming back from injury (although that is pretty cool). It’s the emergence of an off-road guy into a legitimate podium contender.

Ricky Dietrich isn’t, in my opinion, getting enough coverage for what he’s been able to do. The 21-year old from Snohomish, Washington (yes, Larry Ward’s hometown as well) has been really, really good and his ability to ride fast for a long time has been evident at the motocross races as he zooms by dudes in the last few laps every moto. I called him just as he was returning from a weekend trip to the river to unwind and get ready the second half of his moto and WORCS series.

Matthes: Ricky how was your weekend off?
Ricky Dietrich: It was nice, nothing to crazy. Just tried to relax and enjoy my last weekend off for a while. 

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