Re-Launches in 2009, “The Place for Racers” re-launches in 2009. Created and established in 2004, MyMotoSpace quickly grew to over 13,000 Members in the first few months. Now, in 2009, MyMotoSpace has re-launched and opened its doors to all moto loving fans. Whether you are a racer, rider, supporter, enthusiasts or just plain love the sport, MyMotoSpace is here for you. Sister company to (An online website dedicated to helping a rider learn how to market his/her race program and obtain the best sponsorships while raising cash and sending results to anyone with an email address) we have proven to give riders and racers, alike, the entertainment and ability to help build a competitive race program.

MyMotoSpace is for everyone who races, rides, enjoys/supports MX, SX, dirt bikes, street bikes, road racing, jet-skis, wave-runners, snocross and ATV’s, all of you:

Friends who want to talk Online

Single people who want to meet other Singles

Riding buddies who want to connect their friends with other friends

Pro riders and teams who want to connect with their fans

Families who want to keep in touch

Business people and co-workers interested in networking

Classmates and study partners

Anyone looking for long lost friends!

We are developing new features as fast as we can. If you have suggestions or comments, please mail them to the Mx Agent at

How Do I Use MyMotoSpace?

First, Sign Up and Create a Profile

(Your Profile is your space on the web, where you can describe yourself, hobbies and interests. You can even upload pics and write journals. Don’t forget to upload your MxResultz!!)

Second, Invite your friends to join your personal network.

OR, Search the site for your friends who are already members of MyMotoSpace.

Third, View the connections you create between your friends and their friends. Some people will have 1,000’s of people in their extended network!

Meet your friend's friends and Suggest Matches! You can communicate with anyone in your Personal Network.

Find riding buddies, make friends on the other side of the country, the World!