Jade Dungey to Race YZ250 Next Two-Stroke Race

Delano Sports Center has teamed up with Yamaha Motor Corp, 4MX Graphics, & Enzo Suspensions to dial in a new 2009 Yamaha YZ250 to run in the FMF 2-Stroke National at the July 18, 2009 Spring Creek MX Park at Millville, MN.

Jade Dungey, big brother to the now fast and famous Ryan Dungey, will run the Yamaha YZ250 with a DSC "Jimmy the Wrench" motor tune, custom 4 MX DSC graphic kit, and finely tuned Enzo Suspension via Minnesota summer native Craig Decker.

Jade Dungey is an accomplished local & national level rider that still has local roots here in Belle Plaine, Minnesota.  Together with the help of our awesome sponsors, we were able to pull a last minute deal off with Yamaha to run Jade in the newly famed 2-stroke race.

With the likes of Ricky Charmichael, Jeff Emig, and Jeff Stanton running at Red Bud, we are going to have some great racing from all levels in this exciting new class.

Delano Sports Center wishes ‘good luck’ to Jade and his crew at the race this weekend!!