DBcustoms to Award Helmet as Whoop Monster Privateer Award at Spring Creek

When the Millville Whoop Monster called a few months ago, wondering if we would like to be involved in his annual Whoop Monster Privateer Award, we decided to do-up a helmet to commemorate this day, July 18th 2009. The Whoop Monster (AKA Gerry Havican), picks one, well-deserving privateer every year and presents them with a cash award to help out with expenses.

We all know too well that in this game of Motocross, there are more off days than on—more disappointments than victorious highs while chasing the next race. However, every now and then, things go right, and these are the perfect days of motocross that keep us going. These far-few and in between days help us to continue on, striving to improve.

We wanted to help be part of one privateer’s day where everything went right and smooth. Hopefully, this piece of art will help that one privateer to remember that these days do come around, and do happen.

Steve Braus

DB Customs is owned and operated by Steve Braus of Bismarck, North Dakota and has painted helmets for the likes of Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey, Blake Dungey, Speed TV’s Jason Britton, Transworld’s Donn Maeda, Bawls Energy Drink, and Two Brothers Racing. By combining his passion for art with his love of motocross, Steve has crafted some of the most stunning custom lids since the dawn of the stock-graphic helmet. Here’s to keeping custom alive.