DMX Factory Riders for a Day Selected

Well the announcement that everyone’s been waiting for is here. The Factory Rider for a Day Program has selected its winning riders and they are Kyle Ward for Gopher Dunes, Nick May for Sand De Lee and Jared Stock for Walton.

The FRFAD Program is something that has come up with to help out some rising young Canadian riders. The riders get all the support that one of the factory riders get.
We’d like to thank Justin at Ignition Racing, Trevor at CTi, Danny and The Dogger at Maxima, Milt and Jamie at FXR Racing, Kyle at Roost clothing, David, at IMX, Gord at Podium Grafix and Brian at Dunlop Tires for all their generous support of the DMX FRFAD Program and come by at Gopher, SDL and Walton to shake the hand of a deserving young rider and get a sticker.