Dragon Racing Fuels Mammoth Report

Dragon Racing Fuels had a great showing at Mammoth. The Honda of Houston team finished strong despite some set backs from some of there top riders getting sick or injured. They finished out the week as follows and a big thanks to Powered by Naveen for some solid feedback on the R&D of the test fuels.

Plus 30 Pro – Ryan Hughes 1st

Schoolboy - Brad Frace 3rd

250 B – Brad Frace 8th

250 B – Michael Leib 4th

450 B – Michael Leib 2nd

Tuesday Mini

150cc Open - Brady Kiesel 3rd

85cc- 150cc 14-15 – Brady Kiesel 3rd

Supermini – Brady Kiesel 7th

150cc Open – Vann Martin 4th

85cc- 150cc 14-15- Vann Martin 5th

Supermini – 9th

Wednesday Mini

150cc Open – Brady Kiesel 8th

85cc- 150cc 14-15 Brady Kiesel 2nd

Supermini – Brady Kiesel 9th

150cc Open – Vann Martin 3rd

85cc- 150cc 14-15 – Vann Martin 8th

Supermini – Vann Martin 11th

Another great showing from Mammoth was Dragon Race Fuel rider, Cole Thompson, as he was able to pull down 4 titles for the week.  Dragon Racing Fuels would like to congradulate all the riders that continue to rely on the number one race fuel on the market, Dragon Racing Fuels - Fueling Your Passion !