Magoo: The Story of Danny Chandler

Danny Chandler was known for always pushing the limit, riding on the edge, and scaring everyone else on the racetrack, the fiery red head from Forest Hill, California was a front-runner in the American Motocross scene throughout the 70's and early to mid 80's.

Danny "Magoo" Chandler astonished the world in 1982 by sweeping all four motos of the Motocross Des Nations, and Trophee Des Nations, the equivalent of the Olympics in 1980's Motocross, showing the world that the US was a dominant motocross force.

Tragically, Magoo crashed while racing in France in 1985, breaking his neck and leaving him a quadriplegic. Overcoming adversity, Magoo has learned to use his injury as an example of what can happen if one rides or lives irresponsibly.

Danny Chandler now runs his Motocross Safety School, puts on charity races and visits recently hurt individuals in the hospital, as well as being a spokesperson for spinal chord injuries and a martyr for safety on and off the racetrack.

With vintage race footage and all new interviews with racing legends Brad Lackey, Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, Magoo and others, Magoo: The Story of Danny Chandler is a powerful story about racing motorcycles, the speed, the glory, the consequences, and overcoming adversity.

Coming to DVD soon, you will want to own this amazing movie about Danny's life. All profits from buying this DVD at will be donated back to Danny and his Motocross safety awareness activities.

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