Marvin Musquin: Grand Prix Leader Back to Honda

If you're been following the Marvin Musquin saga over in France -- over-achieving almost-privateer Honda rider leads MX2 (250cc) world championship, gets handed factory KTM midway through the series, wins multiple races, gets taken to court by old Honda team, court orders him back to Honda -- then you know it's a blurry picture with shades of red and orange.

According to our friends at Moto Verte in France -- Musquin is now appealing the ruling, which stated that he had to finish out the season with the NGS Honda team, and it prohibits Marvin from riding another brand in the GPs or the French National Championship. If he shows up in Sweden this weekend on a KTM or any other GP on any other bike, he will be fined 150,000 Euros, which translates to roughly $200K.

Musquin was handed the factory KTM after Shaun Simpson, a title favorite, was injured early in the series. Musquin, who's Honda team was said to be on the brink of going broke, jumped at the chance to be a fully-supported (and paid) factory rider. He is appealing the court's decision today and should have an answer sometime this afternoon.