Two-strokes Fire Up at Red Bud

BUCHANAN, Mich. – Fans yearning for the unmistakable crackle of two-stroke dirt bikes ripping around RedBud’s pro track will get their wish this Saturday with the inaugural running of the RedBud FMF Two-Stroke Invitational, featuring the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Stanton, Jeff Emig and a whole host of recognizable Michigan Mafia names from several eras of pro MX racing!

The three-lap exhibition race, scheduled for intermission at this Saturday’s (July 4th) Monster Energy MX National @ RedBud, will be run on older and more current two-stroke bikes – the kind of which not only put RedBud on the map, but allowed the sport of motocross to prosper with their quick-hitting power and indistinguishable “Brrraaappp” noise eminating from the exhaust.

“This is going to be an absolute blast,” said Stanton, the multi-time MX/SX champ from nearby Sherwood, Mich.. “It’s been a while since the fans at RedBud have heard a bunch of two-strokes racing around the track. I think everyone’s really going to get a kick out of this – I know I will.”

Added Carmichael: “I’m with Stanton, man. This is gonna be a riot.”

Joining RC and Michigan’s greatest motocross racer of all time will be a number of recognizable names from the Michigan motocross ranks, i.e., the Michigan Mafia members, guys from a number of pro racing eras that still get after it, including: Todd DeHoop, Josh Woods, Kelly Smith, Matt Maximoff, Josh Lichtle, Matt Crown, Larry Witmer, Jay Wagner and Ryan Valade.

“When FMF approached us and asked that we put this event together, all it took was a few calls and the guys were on board,” said RedBud’s Tim Ritchie. “Pretty much everyone still had a two-smoker around somewhere. A few had to be pulled out of barns, garages and what not – tuned up a bit. But we’ll have a pretty good field of bikes, with an all-star lineup of riders that should give the fans who remember the great two-stroke races RedBud hosted quite a thrill this Saturday.”

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RedBud supports the sport of motocross and has since 1972!  The region's most prestigious amateur events and Round Six of the AMA Lucas Oil Motocross Championship are held in the beautiful rolling hills of southwestern Michigan. A state with an affinity for off-road recreational vehicle use, RedBud owns the bragging rights to the highest attended U.S. motocross race year after year. Just the right soil mix, lots of passing and the BIGGEST jump on the circuit (LaRocco’s Leap), the track provides for some terribly exciting motocross racing. Definitely a top motocross destination in a region that loves its motorsports.

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