Zoo Ministries and Whiplash Motorsports Team Up

Team RFJ (Racing For Jesus), Zoo World Ministries (www.zooworldministries.com) and Whiplash Motorsports have joined together to offer the Whiplash youth an opportunity to race for free. All youth that come to the “Racing For Jesus” trailer 30 minutes prior to the riders meeting and participate in bible study and prayer time will have their entry fees reimbursed. During and after the racing, the “Racing For Jesus” trailer will be open all day on Saturday to offer the kids a fun place to hang out, play Xbox and make new friends. Please contact John Rhodes at john@teamrfj.com for more details.

About Team RFJ

Team RFJ was formed in 2008 with the desire to minister to the youth who participate in Off-Road Desert racing. The Lord has called Team RFJ to glorify the name of Jesus and spread the good news of His saving grace. We want to serve as an encouragement to the youth and offer a supportive, fun environment for fellowship. We have found that participating in extreme sports such as desert racing is an ideal platform for sharing the love of Jesus Christ and our genuine love and concern for others.

About Zoo World Ministries

The vision at Zoo World Ministries is a simple one. God’s word says to preach the Gospel and “make disciples of all nations”, and that is what we strive hardest to do. Because of the physical challenges and dangers associated with extreme sports, the athletes who are involved in such sports are often putting their lives on the line every time they go out to practice or compete. The leaders at Zoo World Ministries believe that in order to do well mentally and physically, we need to be athletes “in the spirit”. The armor of God is the biggest, most important form of protection any of us will ever need, and our goal is to get this mind set into all of the athletes we sponsor. We are a non profit religious entity who raises money to support athletes of extreme sports- helping to equip said athletes to be all they can be, achieving all that God has created for them.

About Whiplash Motorsports

Whiplash Motorsports (www.whiplashracing.com) is a 10 race desert racing series in Arizona offering adult and youth MX and Quad classes as well as several truck and buggy classes. Whiplash Motorsports has a 20 year racing history that began in 1989 with circle track and speedway racing that quickly grew into Mickey Thompson style events called Off-Road Wars. Holding their first desert race in 1991 after the demise of the old ADRA organization, Whiplash quickly became known as a highly competitive and affordable racing series. Whiplash gives participants an unmatched family style race experience. Jay McKinley, founder of the Whiplash Racing series and father of two of the organizations top brass, daughter Sabrina and son Zack, says “This family friendly atmosphere is all we have known for 20 years.

We started this organization because of our family’s love for racing. We are blessed to bring our family values to others through Whiplash Motorsports”.

All donations to Team RFJ are 100% deductible when made through Zoo World Ministries.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Whiplash, Zoo Racing and Team RFJ say “Thank You” to our valuable sponsors.